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Vince – A father of two who was doing drugs, crimes and stuck in the same rut with no way out. He didn’t care about anyone else but himself and was facing 50 years. He was incarcerated and saw other guys getting a chance to see their kids and came to realize that he didn’t have a relationship like they did. He didn’t get letters like they did, and never got to see them. He decided then to change his life around and after doing 2 years. Now he’s closer to his kids than he’s ever been and his family now has restored faith and trust in Vince. His kids have always played a huge part in his life’s decisions and because of it he has a better life. Its hard and every day is a struggle, but “my worst day now is 10 times better than it was in there.” Through Fathers Building Futures, Vince led the Freight and Delivery program and through his work and leadership, was snatched up for a manager role at Roadrunner Food Bank. Vince now serves as a mentor and on our Business Advisory Board.

Santana – A father of three was looking at 15 years and used meth since he was 13. Hurt everyone in his life and didn’t see a way out. Was in and out of prison and constantly conflicted and wanting to change, but overpowered by his addiction. Couldn’t completely commit to turn his life around until he found himself in the back of a cop car facing new charges, a family of disappointment, and looking at being a career criminal. Being the 4th time in, made the choices to start down the right path and work on becoming a better person. It took him out of his comfort zone and helps him with the solution instead of throwing him back into the problem. Was held accountable and gave it 100% so he could be a part of his children’s lives instead of being on drugs and missing it. Now is working on his relationships with his children and being present and supportive. Santana works in auto detail and has received his CDL, which has always been a huge goal of his. he is a father building a future for himself, for his kids, for his family.

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