The dads at Fathers Building Futures built my family a dinner table that was built with the same love that is gathered around the table at each meal.Thank you.

Jason B.

We purchased this Lazy Susan at the Downtown Growers Market on Saturday. Love it! Fine craftsmanship and mission. Thank you.

Rand R.

So I needed a countertop for a new project in my kitchen at home. I remembered the incredible work I saw that was crafted by the men of the Fathers Building Futures program at PB&J Family Services. My Counter top needed to be 2 feet by 4 feet and at least 2 inches thick. What I found when I arrived at the workshop was more than I could have ever expected. I was given at least 5 choices of wood with recommendations from the craftsmen based on my description of intended uses. I made my selection and a week later I picked up a counter top that was highly polished and finished, crafted to my specifications and ready to use. It has become a conversation piece in my home and I continue to refer people to Fathers Building Futures where I know that the men take great pride in their work and guarantee the finest quality product. I love my counter top!

Jim H.

When you see the stunning woodwork in the Fathers Building Futures showroom, you can admire the incredible craftsmanship. When you hear the stories of the fathers trying to rebuild their lives and support their children, you can respect the men for their work ethics and determination. null

Pamela C.
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